Issue Date Recipient Name Recipient Country Status Credential
07/09/2021 Brianna Franke Australia Expired IBT Certificant
04/13/2021 Komala Kyme Australia Expired IBA Certificant
03/10/2021 Annalene Paguntalan Australia Expired IBT Certificant
11/02/2020 Fathima Minha Ikram Australia Active IBA Certificant
05/25/2020 Kirsty Passmore Australia Expired IBA Certificant
05/03/2020 Isabella O'Donovan Australia Expired IBA Certificant
05/03/2020 Katrina Hunter Australia Expired IBA Certificant
03/05/2020 Kaci Sweeney Australia Expired IBA Certificant
03/04/2020 Ross Leighner Australia Active IBA Certificant
05/06/2024 Keiandrea Fowler Bahamas Active IBT Certificant
04/24/2024 Carla Gibson Bahamas Active IBA Certificant
01/29/2024 Joyanne Josey Bahamas Active IBA Certificant
12/11/2023 Leandri Smit Bahamas Active IBT Certificant
08/29/2023 Anita Moss Bahamas Active IBT Certificant
07/19/2023 Jalecia Strachan Bahamas Active IBT Certificant
07/19/2023 Johanna Peet Bahamas Active IBT Certificant
03/24/2023 Letitia Campbell-Parker Bahamas Active IBT Certificant
11/15/2022 Michelle Major Bahamas Active IBA Certificant
09/27/2022 Mikiko Candela Bahamas Active IBA Certificant
04/29/2024 Melanie Venissa Rodrigues Bahrain Active IBT Certificant
03/12/2024 Juliana Warui Bahrain Active IBT Certificant
01/21/2024 Neville Ncha Enow Bahrain Active IBT Certificant
01/04/2024 CAROLINE MAINA Bahrain Active IBT Certificant
12/05/2023 Chethna Thekkepat Bahrain Active IBT Certificant
12/04/2023 Asmaa Abourayan Bahrain Active IBT Certificant
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