IBAs and IBTs Around the World!

What defines us


Protecting those we serve through safe, responsible, and professional practice is of utmost importance to IBAs® and IBTs®.


Possessing relevant education for practice and staying up to date by participating in continuing education, IBAs® and IBTs® are knowledgeable in the field of ABA.


When IBAs® and IBTs® practice, clients know that an educated, ethical, certified professional is caring for their loved ones.

Obtain IBAO® Certifications

Certifications to ensure ethical practices, protect consumers,
and maintain appropriate educational standards in the field of ABA around the world.

IBAO® has a diverse group of Behavior Analysts from more than 25 different countries on 5 continents around the world who make up the IBAO® Professional Advisory board.

Know who they are?

IBAO® is proud to be a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence in show of our support of the credentialing community and our commitment to strive for excellence in our certification programs.

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